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About Us

CoSEA Mission

Our mission is to...

  • Advocate taxpayer rights through professional and ethical representation.
  • Promote the recognition of the role of Enrolled Agents as "America's Tax Experts".
  • Support and enhance the professional growth of our members.

With the above mission in mind, CoSEA is pursuing objectives and activities in the following areas:

  • Organizational and Financial Security – CoSEA will be organizationally and financially  sound moreover, will maintain adequate reserves.
    • Maintain sound organizational structure.
    • Be constantly aware of elements of the environment that may affect the CoSEA mission and goals.
    • Increase reserves.
    • Maintain sound financial administration.
    • Increase non-dues revenue.
  • Recognition of Enrolled Agents – Enhance public understanding of the credential and values of the services provided by enrolled agents.
    • Expand the public’s recognition of the enrolled agent license.
    • Brand the enrolled agent as the tax professional of choice.
    • Increase the number of enrolled agents.
  • Advocacy – CoSEA is recognized as the voice of enrolled agents and advocates for the profession for taxpayers in Colorado.
    • Partner with IRS and other taxing authorities on behalf of members.
  • Member Services – CoSEA provides meaningful benefits and excellent customer service to maximize its value to members.
    • Continually evaluate and improve member benefits.
    • Communicate the value of membership.
    • Increase the number of members.
    • Improve customer service to members.
  • Education – CoSEA will offer professional education.
    • Continue to offer continuing professional education.
    • Continue to offer and expand representation education.
    • Offer programs to encourage people to take the SEE exam and be prepared for the exam.

NAEA Phone Numbers: 
202-822-6232 or Toll Free:  855-880-6232

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